Criteria for Community Grants

The Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park is an independent charitable foundation established to support healthcare programs and services in the geographic area served by Highland Park Hospital.

The HFHP concentrates primarily on funding mostly smaller healthcare related charities.  The following criteria, as well as other factors, will be used to evaluate grant applicants—

  • The location of the program and its proximity to Highland Park Hospital
  • Indication that the target population who is the focus of the service provided resides in the geographic area served by Highland Park Hospital
  • Demonstration of an overall community need for the program
  • Evidence of financial requirements necessary for the organization to fulfill the proposal
  • Financial need of the clients to be served
  • Stability of the program (i.e. its management, governance, and fiscal soundness)
  • Methods that will be used to evaluate effectiveness of the program

The Foundation will not consider the following types of grant requests at this time:

  • Endowments
  • Fundraising events including sponsorships
  • Debt reduction
  • Direct grants to individuals
  • Programs outside the service area of Highland Park Hospital
  • Capital Improvements

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