About Us

The Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park is an independent 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that was established when Highland Park Hospital merged with Evanston Hospital.  The mission of the Foundation is simple; it was founded to support healthcare in the area served by Highland Park Hospital.  The community of Highland Park built the hospital and, at the time of the merger, it was the general consensus that funds raised in the community should stay in the community.  Over the years the HFHP has grown and has proudly continued to support excellence in healthcare. 

Funds are awarded to mostly smaller not-for-profit organizations that are committed to changing the lives of the most at-risk individuals in the community served.  Grants are earmarked to target specific programs that address currently unmet needs for those with physical and mental health issues. In order to avoid duplication of services and to be able to increase the HFHP’s support of healthcare programs, the Board encourages grant recipients to work together to maximize their impact on the community at large and achieve even greater goals.

The Healthcare Foundation of Highland Park is run by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees.  In addition to making decisions regarding the granting of funds, Trustees make every effort to become involved with grant recipients by meeting with them and offering suggestions as to how they might enhance their programs.  The Board hosts a yearly breakfast to provide a forum for grantees to share ideas and grow their successes.  The HFHP prides itself in the important role it plays to safeguard excellence in available healthcare for everyone.